Monday, October 20, 2008

Free Free Free part 2

Dont have a L$? No problem !!!

Free tenderness...

(All presetned clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, skins costed not more than 1l.)

Hair: ETD - Jessica II
Necklace: (CCD) Pure- Necklace - Butterfly
Top and Skirt: *ICING* at Mischief Cove - La Vie Boheme
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui - sandals
Skin: Subaru:@_@ design- dana_ halloween_sp_gift_skin

Hair: Frangipani - Jasmine
Nacklace: (PD) Stone Pendant Necklace
Dress: *RunoRuno* - Tube Dress
Shoes: *ICING* at Mischief Cove - Wooden Wedge
Skin: The Gnubie Store- (le) Skin


Thank you for your attention said...

Czarna sukienka jest boska i pierwszy raz ją widzę na oczy :)
Jak się tylko zaloguję do SL będzie moja :P

Zapraszam do mnie. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog..
I love your pictures
I love Linka....
to the end..............

Clarysa Whitfield said...

So lovely and so.. cute ;)
Great photos.

Linka said...

who are you?

Linka said...

Thanks Clari ;)

Uzi Boa said...

Dear anonymous, get lost. She's mine

Linka said...