Tuesday, September 30, 2008


1-6 october in *IMAGEN main store* you can find 12 types of skins and 3 special gifts (jeans, dress and earrings). Price? 1l for every thing !

Bertha Dress from IMAGEN

Imagen Mannequin Skin, Imagen Jeans Hunt, Imagen hunt eerings #14 Gotta.

Hair in post :
[SC] Hair - Hudsen
Mirai Style - Noco
Novocaine - Haruka
Aden- Bethany

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hard Rock Caffe.

Not every lady have to look like a sweet blondie from Britney's video clip.
In SL it is possible to complete clothes, accessories and even skins from a sign of rock.
From the left:

Hair: ETD Luth
Jacket & Shirt: :::B&R::: Cross Bones Lady Pink
Necklace: SiniStyle Hail Mary' Rasary
Belly ring: Purple Rose- Color changing letter belly ring
Pants: Abbys Hell and Back Dark
Skin: Wax Poetic// Emo Quuen Frostine
Hair: -DC-Mariko
Top: TRUTH Dead Festivus Tank
Shirt: ::bijou:: Fly asymmentryshirt (fly set)
Bangle: **DP**yumyum brown brace
Pants: Novocaine-City Slacks
Belt: *JA* dark silver chain belt edition 2
Shoes: monogrind classik dirty llstar
Skin: Innocence by Lori Nori

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Postcard from Second Life summer.

In my country is coooold...but in Second Life is still summer.
Hair: Aden- Sofia
Sunglasses: Emery- Las Vegas sunglasses
Top: -KM- Rising Sun Berry
Bangle: -Giusia- Helen BraceletL 03
Piercing: WHITTENTONS JEWELRY Small Gold Belly Sparkler
Pants: [savvy avvy]-grey cotton shorts
Skin: Ar- creator- Ignite Nightfire

Street Fashion

It's been some time since the return to the 80s' began.
At least, the second creators became interested in this topic.
Colours, hair that is hard beacuse of extremely large amount of hair spray.
A little bit trashy, but still absorbingly.
Street Fashion in Second Life.

Ps: I love new stuff from :bijou:

Hair: *booN TOM14
Piercing: *SHJL* brow silver double piercing
Earring: *UnTone*Free gift
Bangle: *SHJL* Zebra Bangle
Ring: Redgrave
Set: :bijou: Lazymasculine TrueLove
Boots: Gbberish Boutique La Jalousie Boots

Friday, September 26, 2008

The best of Armidi !

Do I have to make an introduction? I don't think so.
One doesn't have to advertise the Armidi style.
But I woud like to draw your attention to their most popular products.
They are so pupular, that they become borring...
However, let's appreciate the power of Armidi.
The best of Armidi in one set.
Hair: Armidi Hair- The Roxy
Top: Armidi Limited Classic Loose Tank
Bangle: [Armidi Gisaci] Glitz Bangle combo
Pants: Armidi Limited Jeans [Regular Classic]
Shoes: [Armidi Gisaci] Oxford
Skin: *BishWear India 25kin


Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go wherever they want to...

Hair: Aden- Milla
Earrings: (Glamurena)BlackPearlFeatherEarrings
Sunglasses: Kalinins - Bravia
Gloves: MadeForYour Leather-higher gloves
Dress: *KL* Minidress04
Tattoo: *Shit Luck*Tribal
Boots: Abbys- Black

Candy Candy !

Something for sweet girls so.. not for me.
Pink, hearts, candy, candy, candy..
from the left:

Hair: ETD Strenght III
Dress: 512 Dress Lower
stockings: CREAMSHOP Plain tights
shoes: [Detour] MixFlip Sneakers
skin: EC Skin v2- Nadya-Natural

Hair: [SC HaiR] Hudsen-Licorice
Top: Canimal-cutsie tanks (hearts)
Pants: Freesoul Design- grey spirit jeans
Stockings: Shit Luck - *SL* Half Fishnet Stockings
Shoes: *Starz* Beachy Heel
Necklace: SMitten #Chunky Boho Opalescent Necklace
Skin: Cake-Jassica -Tan

Early Autumn

With the last sun....
hair- Novocaine- Haruka-strawberry
nacklace- *SHJL* Flexi leather necklace
dress- SDB butique Chiffon Dress
boots- [Detour] Mistress Boots- Brown


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