Saturday, September 27, 2008

Street Fashion

It's been some time since the return to the 80s' began.
At least, the second creators became interested in this topic.
Colours, hair that is hard beacuse of extremely large amount of hair spray.
A little bit trashy, but still absorbingly.
Street Fashion in Second Life.

Ps: I love new stuff from :bijou:

Hair: *booN TOM14
Piercing: *SHJL* brow silver double piercing
Earring: *UnTone*Free gift
Bangle: *SHJL* Zebra Bangle
Ring: Redgrave
Set: :bijou: Lazymasculine TrueLove
Boots: Gbberish Boutique La Jalousie Boots


nylecoJ said...

tralala wymuszony koment :)

Ayumi Cassini said...

/me sings: ooh, give me fever night, fever night, fe-vah! You know how to do it! ;)

PS. Those boots rock!