Monday, October 27, 2008

Next Part of Autumn

Autumn is too long for me...

Hair: Cake - romance
Dress: 141 shop - embroidered
Gloves: KANA-NA simple girl Hand Warmer (part of outfit)
Legging: M*Aii*K*I Long Legging
Boots: Mailtreya Billow Boots
Skin: LorAla Gen 1 Skin Store - Alady

Hair: booN TOM 14 hair
Scarf: Scarf ( multi)- MOSQ LAB by Sql Miles
Top: Napalm Basic Tank
Skirt and belt: **THE CLOSET**corduroyminiGRN
Stockings: *Sheer* - Tights Swirl Black Lower
Boots: Gbberish - **La Jalousie Boots
Skin: MMS- MoscowLight-Halloween skin3 (GIFT)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Go to Alady ! NOW !

At those beautiful times when Linka was a noob, freebies were unfinished,
ugly and full of disgusting bling.
Justice does not exist even in the world of pixels.
Look what skins are distributed right now for the round zero!
Anyway, not only skins, freebies or dollarbies distributed recently,
actually don't differ from the original products from Cake, old RaC and Last Call
(the most important SL shops when I started playing SL - one year ago)
Here Tija has found promotions.
I had to describe her...

Few from "Free gift from LorAla & NipTuck Store Skin @ Alady"

Find big pumpkin:)

Friday, October 24, 2008


You've just been bitten by a Bloodlines Vampire....

Hair: Cake- Jade II
Eyes: Hell Fire Eyes
Dress: Bonnie & Clyde SISI RED
Gloves: Bonnie & Clyde SISI RED
Stoccking: Bonnie & Clyde SISI RED
Shoes: Bonnie & Clyde SISI RED
Skin: S- Skin G FREE GIFT by Catinka Anatine (Xstreet SL Marketplace) -thnx Madelaine

Hair: [Detour] - Junebug
Necklace: SiniStyle - 'Hail Mary' Rosary
Fangs and Bite Marks from Bloodlines
Dress: Nicky Ree - Dark Moon Satin & Lace Bridal Gown
Skin : [KA] SKINS - Sunkissed- V2 /Halloween/ (FREE GIFT)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Women & Horses...

I like sunglasses from ETD (second pic) more then them hair lol.
Stylish top from Muism (first pic), beads from Caroline's and next great hair from UncleWeb (first pic).

Hair: UncleWeb - Uw.St Gloria- Hair type-A
Nacklace: (Caroline's) - Natural Brown Necklace
Top: *Muism* - [Satin Ruffle Top]
Pants: Novocaine - Coty Slacks
Boots: [Detour] - Mistress Boots

Hair: Aden - Milla
Sunglasses: Chic Aviators - (Gold Frames)
Outfit (Top and Pants): Last Call - Jumper French
Boots: Part of ZHAO - "TRINITY HEART" Straps

Monday, October 20, 2008

She's 2

I liked her style from the very first sight.
Unique just like my native, polish SL originality.
Her avatar stands out of every crowd.
A positive souvenir after my last pixel husband.
What she is wearing = milion prims...

Ladies and gentelman, Clarysa Whitfield!

Skin: 07 Rihanna Tan Skin / smoky1 *REDGRAVE*
Hair: .+*Jane*+.Black [MS]
Shirt: :nijou: Exceed TankTop(Black) [BlackSet]
Pants: [CALYPSO GIANO] Jeans - Industry BLACK - LONG 1
Gloves: [CALYPSO GIANO] Gloves - Rock my life
Right bracelet: *BoA Creations*Black Bracelets Cuir Double arm
Left bracelet: [Armidi Gisaci] Glitz Bangle combo - Assorted 17
Arm bracelet: Armidi Limited - Pyramid Cuff (L) [Black & Silver] (modified by Clarysa, in the original version it is NOT an arm bracelet, just an ordinary one)
Sunglasses: FNKY! FreeBase Glasses (Black)
Mouth ring: *CT* Three Hoop Lip
Earrings: *ICED* Baby Phat Hoop Earrings
Neckerchief: [SG*] Candy - Grey (normal)
Necklace: Exotic Zeenu Necklace
Cigarette: [Fox Labs] Cigarette
Belt: /artilieri/ pyramid stud belt *big*
Dagger: *DD* Rebel Dagger black (female)
Shoes: Maitreya Billow Boots - Black

Hair: Deviant Kitties - Fay
T-shirt: Midnight Lotus T-shirt
Tattoo: Shit Luck - *SL* Tribal
piercing: *SHJL* Dark Mouth Piercing
Top: SDB - S-ODS-T ( part of dress)
Bag: Cake - Utilitarian Belt bag
Pants: Armidi Limited A001 jeans
Warmers: *BP* legwarmers
Shoes: Sereal - Superstars

She has new blog !

Free Free Free part 2

Dont have a L$? No problem !!!

Free tenderness...

(All presetned clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, skins costed not more than 1l.)

Hair: ETD - Jessica II
Necklace: (CCD) Pure- Necklace - Butterfly
Top and Skirt: *ICING* at Mischief Cove - La Vie Boheme
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui - sandals
Skin: Subaru:@_@ design- dana_ halloween_sp_gift_skin

Hair: Frangipani - Jasmine
Nacklace: (PD) Stone Pendant Necklace
Dress: *RunoRuno* - Tube Dress
Shoes: *ICING* at Mischief Cove - Wooden Wedge
Skin: The Gnubie Store- (le) Skin

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Red and Black

With a heavy heart, I will show you my favorite earrings.
To my mind they are brilliant.
I hope that not all of you will like them,
because I'm glad that I saw them only on Jocelyn from polish SL but me ;)
Being serius, I warmly recommend them.
Linka is gonna appear in the red-black convention.
The pants in both the pictures are the famous leggins from omnipresent Armidi.
And which of you don't have this Naima's jacket? ;)

(creamshop) - Glam earring

Hair: UncleWeb-Uw.St Ibuki
Earrings: (creamshop) - Glam earring
Jacket: Naima - NYJacket
Top: (Mojo) - Long Tank
Belt: from Last Call outfit - Asrtea Coin Belt
Leggins: Armidi Limited - Metallic Tights
Shoes: FNKY! Pumps/ classic

Hair: *SHOP SEU*- Pompadour hair
Earrings: *:HTC:* Gift for you! Ear Rings
Sunglasses: Kalnins Sunglasses- Bravia
Jacket: [savvy avvy]- woolen leather coat
Leggins: Armidi Limited- Metallic Tights
Boots: Bax Boots - Overknee black Boots

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Independent Woman

Hair: [Detour] - Luna
Earrings: Aluin Jewelry- Tear drop earring
Top: *Muism* - [Tank Top]
Jacket: !_Ce Cubic - effect Suede Half Coat
Belt: *JA* - dark silver chain belt edition 2
Pants: part of outfit from old Last Call
Boots: Maitreya - Dune

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Superstars.... awww

When I saw these sneakers I fell in love withe them for the first sight.
I am probably insane, I'm fascinated with a pixel thing!
But still they are really very well made, very stylish and.. they aren't cheap ;) 399L$
Linka as a seventeen girl from a sports field LOL

Hair: Eat Rice - Pickle Black
Earrings: *SHJL* Hoop earing (from two sets red and blue)
Necklace: AF centre- Red Necklace With Bottle of Blood
Jacket: *Muism* [Denim Jacket]
Top: Hexed - Cropped T ( with undershirt)
Bag: (Yummy) Fanny Pack EXTREEEEME
Pants: Armidi - Limited Jeans
Shoes: Soreal - Superstars

Monday, October 13, 2008



From the left:

Hair: UncleWeb - Ilias
Necklace: (Caroline's)Natural Brown necklace
Dress: League Mainstore @ Steam Forge - scoop
Stocking: *Shop Seu* kushukushu kutsushita
Shoes: Storm Schmooz - Red Earth


Hair: UncleWeb - Uw.St Hibiki
Necklace: (Glamurena) BlackPearlNecklace_Envy
Dress: BLAND Plunge Dress Black
Shoes: Bonnie & Clyde FASHION Black Disco
Skin: India 2Skin by DBS Heart

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Free Free Free part 1

Who said that freebies in SL are unstylish or bad made?
Let them see!
All presetned clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, skins costed not more than 1l.
I don't think that each of this things is currently available, but some of them are for sure.
It is worth to search for them.
The fisrt part of series Free Free Free

Hair: [C&H] 1L Hair Dark Blonde
Earring: IZUMIYA - pierced eearings Cat
Dress: /Emery/ Emery gift [Dress Rock & Glam #8]
Tattoo: Atui -AITUI TATTOO- Gothic
Bangle: BM bangle
Pants: Torridwear - (lki) Straight leg jean
Socks: *Kaufrausch- Boutique*- Black Fishnet Panty Socks
Shoes: Maitreya - Slinky Stiletto
Skin: *Beauty Avatar* SPECIAL EDITION NEFERTTTI- gift skin


Hair: *TRUTH* Berri
Earrings: *UnTone* Free gift drop earing
Top: ASH STYLE - plain shirt white with collar by momo17 Otsuka
Pants: Gigi Couture - (freebie pack)
Shoes: ::Sixty-Nine::- Marguerite
Skin: Caliente Express - A.S (wuvme edit-original)


There is milion empty bars, discos, clubs in SL.
Sometimes I think there is more places like those than avatars.
In fact you can't get drunk drinking virtual alcohol,
dance (even this from Sine Waves) doesnt bring much fun.
Clubs get the biggest traffic when they give away money. Contests, camping, sploders...
I went to a polish caffee zodiac accidentaly.
A place for virtual beer and a little chat. Not often visited.
And this is what I was wearing there...

Hair: *SHOP SEU*--fuafua hair
Jacket: !_ Ce Cubic effect Short leather jacket
Top: Viva La Glam [VG Republic] 'Zebra Tee'
Skirt: Freesoul Design olive skirt
Boots: Mailtreya Bloom Brown
Skin: A&K (le) brow1 , lust

Hair: [Detour] In Bloom
Cigaret: *Katati cigaret
Nacklace: /Fuel/ The key Keeper
Top: KANA-NA Simple Girl outfit (top)
Gloves: KANA-NA Simple Girl outfit (gloves)
Pants: stYlebomb camohose
Shoes: Shiny Things Party Pump

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


When i met her first time, same voice, same words but different body, smile.
My first thing.. wow, she is better than in SL !
"In world" She is my LM's treasure.
Thank you for everything hun :)
Jocelyn Anatine and me.


Hair: Mirai Style - Bysh Coco
Lip piercing: *No Mercy*
Tattoo: ::FlipSide::: - Vines Tattoos
Top: :: DUTCH TOUCH:: Fishnets tanktop holes - PiPPi outfit
Jacket: Fetch - Cropped Zipper Jacket
Belt: Hysteria- Home of Virus Co. Coca Cola Buckle Down Belt - !
Pants: Refuge - Leather Pants - Red
Boots: [ON] AM Boots - Zero Number
Gloves: Musashi - Musashi Leather Gloves
Skin: IMAGEN - Eva 2.0 - Este - Base


Hair: Novocaine - Riko
Top: Emery Dress rock & Glam
Jacket: *Muism* SBJ
Piercing: *SHJL* Brow Silver Double piercing
Gloves: MadeForYou Leather-higher-Gloves
Pants: *AngelITC* Super Person!
Bag: Cake -Utilitarian Belt Bag
Boots: *BR* Winter boot black
Skin: Cake- Jessica

Jocelyn Anatine in Second Life

Gold, polish autumn.

Gold, orange, red, dark green and the most important, all the tones of brown.
This is autumn in the part of Europe where I live.
It is cool, maybe even cold, it rains very often and the mountains sparkle exactly these colours. So beautiful and simultaneously so sad.
Somehow it is depression.
The autumn has something to do with crying.

Hair: Magika Hair - Betty II
Top/Coat: Armidi Gisaci Kima Trenchcoat
Pant: *GC* Green Capris
Boots: [Detour] mistress boots
Skin: JH- ASlF1- light


Hair: Noughty - Nicole
Top: TRUTH- Long Slave Basic Dust
Jacket: BP* brown coat
Pants: Last Call Mayra
Boots: Maitreya Bloom
Skin- Cake- Jessica


Monday, October 6, 2008

Black & White

Two fundamental colours, BLACK & WHITE.
Angels and devil, day and night.
Which color is yours?
I prefer black....
Dark personality ;)

Hair: Hair secret
Scarf: BP*
Dress: Canimal (old collection)
Gloves: *FREE*DIVA ::bijou::
Pants: M*A*ii*K*I Leggins black
Shoes: Maitreya Slinky Stiletto

Skin: IMEGEN (IS) Eva 2.0


Hair: Cake - Wish
Sunglasses: /emery/- NR sunglasses rain
Scarf/bandana: /emery/ *Bandana white neck wristband
Top: Armidi Limited Classic Loose Tank
Bangle: [Armidi Gisaci]- Glitz Bangle combo
Pants: Armidi
Shoes: Shiny things Tuxendo pumps


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Youth !

Hip Hop, MTV, colors, hoods, graffiti, first love...
Not your generation? So what? Its Second life!

Hair: Mirai Style .+*Vixa*+.
Top with etceteras:MASSIVE ATHAks PUNKY pinko
Tattoo: [INKS & KINKS]-Black Daisy
Pants: {Kari} The John Doe jeans
Shoes: [detour] MixFlip Sneakers

Hair with hood: Maitreya Jam
Top: Maitreya Jam
Bag/pack: (Yummy) Fanny Pack EXTREEEEME!!!
Shorts: Viva La Glam 'Metallic Short'
Stockings: (CREAMSHOP)Plain tights
Shoes: Novocaine- Grips
Skin: Cake- Jessica