Thursday, October 2, 2008

Youth !

Hip Hop, MTV, colors, hoods, graffiti, first love...
Not your generation? So what? Its Second life!

Hair: Mirai Style .+*Vixa*+.
Top with etceteras:MASSIVE ATHAks PUNKY pinko
Tattoo: [INKS & KINKS]-Black Daisy
Pants: {Kari} The John Doe jeans
Shoes: [detour] MixFlip Sneakers

Hair with hood: Maitreya Jam
Top: Maitreya Jam
Bag/pack: (Yummy) Fanny Pack EXTREEEEME!!!
Shorts: Viva La Glam 'Metallic Short'
Stockings: (CREAMSHOP)Plain tights
Shoes: Novocaine- Grips
Skin: Cake- Jessica


Uzi Boa said...

OK, let's face it, I dont like it... sorry hun

Linka said...

Its not my style also...
you know why?
we are OLD !:))))

Uzi Boa said...

heheh, that's why I love you that much :)
Still, I have to disagree.. :)

Linka said...

Ok i will buy for you the same hair (with white hat) in Real !
I promise !

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww very sweet.
For me cool (teen-ager lol)

Linka said...