Sunday, October 12, 2008


There is milion empty bars, discos, clubs in SL.
Sometimes I think there is more places like those than avatars.
In fact you can't get drunk drinking virtual alcohol,
dance (even this from Sine Waves) doesnt bring much fun.
Clubs get the biggest traffic when they give away money. Contests, camping, sploders...
I went to a polish caffee zodiac accidentaly.
A place for virtual beer and a little chat. Not often visited.
And this is what I was wearing there...

Hair: *SHOP SEU*--fuafua hair
Jacket: !_ Ce Cubic effect Short leather jacket
Top: Viva La Glam [VG Republic] 'Zebra Tee'
Skirt: Freesoul Design olive skirt
Boots: Mailtreya Bloom Brown
Skin: A&K (le) brow1 , lust

Hair: [Detour] In Bloom
Cigaret: *Katati cigaret
Nacklace: /Fuel/ The key Keeper
Top: KANA-NA Simple Girl outfit (top)
Gloves: KANA-NA Simple Girl outfit (gloves)
Pants: stYlebomb camohose
Shoes: Shiny Things Party Pump


Jennifer said...

how fun this post was! you are really talented! i know my hubby wouldlove looking at your blog! :)

Linka said...

LOL, thank you Jennifer;)

Uzi Boa said...

what is the point of this post?
Is it about Cafe Zodiac or is Cafe just an excuse to show us your new outfit...?

Linka said...

Uzi hun....
Linka's Fashion...
Maybe its blog about clothes?
What you think?