Saturday, October 25, 2008

Go to Alady ! NOW !

At those beautiful times when Linka was a noob, freebies were unfinished,
ugly and full of disgusting bling.
Justice does not exist even in the world of pixels.
Look what skins are distributed right now for the round zero!
Anyway, not only skins, freebies or dollarbies distributed recently,
actually don't differ from the original products from Cake, old RaC and Last Call
(the most important SL shops when I started playing SL - one year ago)
Here Tija has found promotions.
I had to describe her...

Few from "Free gift from LorAla & NipTuck Store Skin @ Alady"

Find big pumpkin:)


Thank you for your attention said...

O yeah :D
For me this'is the best bag with free skins from long, long time :)

Grab Them and Keep Them!!!