Monday, October 13, 2008



From the left:

Hair: UncleWeb - Ilias
Necklace: (Caroline's)Natural Brown necklace
Dress: League Mainstore @ Steam Forge - scoop
Stocking: *Shop Seu* kushukushu kutsushita
Shoes: Storm Schmooz - Red Earth


Hair: UncleWeb - Uw.St Hibiki
Necklace: (Glamurena) BlackPearlNecklace_Envy
Dress: BLAND Plunge Dress Black
Shoes: Bonnie & Clyde FASHION Black Disco
Skin: India 2Skin by DBS Heart


Uzi Boa said...

Nice, still, I wouldnt call the brown one with stockings elegant... :)

Linka said...

lol, yes, your right, its small
appendix from Linka's soul;)
In my opinion you have same stocking,
right sweetie?:)

Linka said...

I hate Ayumi, she gave you many nice LM's !