Sunday, June 7, 2009

Glow Friends

I'd like to show you today how our friends see [ glow ] studio.
Each of them used our products in different way.
I like this varity, the fact that everyone has different taste and different sense of beauty.
I love each of these photos, to my mind they are just lovely!
Thank you Girls!

Emi Bade, Bohemia Eyelashes – Raindrop by [ glow ] studio

Vixie Rayna, ~~DeLyn~~ Snake Earrings by [ glow ] studio

AGNIESZKA Allstar, Shutter Shades - night version by [ glow ] studio

Clarysa Whitfield, ~~DeLyn~~ Glow Earrings by [ glow ] studio

Irie Campese, Eyelashes - Drama 02 by [ glow ] studio

Ipanemagirl Bing, ~~DeLyn~~ Allstar Earrings by [ glow ] studio

Farah Palmer, Rhapsody - Lashes - Lightning (WHITE) $ old gift eyelashes by [ glow ] studio

Monicuzza Babenco, ~~DeLyn~~ Jocelyn II shape by [ glow ] studio


Ipanemagirl Bing said...

Linka<3<3<3! Ty so much im very honore to be part of Glow´s friends
and every time i know you i dicovery a wonderful person, very cool fun and very good friend<3<3<3
love youuuu!

Kisses from Mexico!

Anonymous said...

Agusia śliczne zdjątko !!!!!!!!:P

A&A Fashion Shop said...

Thank you for adding me to your friends[GloW] , you are great :))))

Linka said...

yay, so many nices (styles?lol) words:)Iam happy that u like glow stuff:) Did i tell you how cute u are? hehe
Kisses from Poland

zgadzam się :)!


thanks for soo amazing pic!:)

Anonymous said...

Aga zajebista fotke zrobila:D Irie