Friday, June 5, 2009

Day by day...

Day by day...
Day by day...

Hair: Foam - The Drifter - Brown A
Shades: FNKY! - Luna Glasses (White)
Lashes: [ glow ] Studio - Vanity. eyelashes - natural
Eyes: Poetic Colors - eyes by LL - bright - ice crystal
Cig: FNKY! - Cigarette II (long ash)
Cigs pack: ::= Zenith =:: - Ciger-Pack
Coat: (P-K) - Opened Trench Noir
Top: [ Cynful ] - Neckholder - Black Sheer /Optional Black lace
Arwarmers: Maitreya - Armwarmers - Magnolia
Pants: *Valiant* - Grey Belted Stripey Pants
Shoes: PornStar - Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor v2


Uzi Boa said...

great style, i love what u wear here

Chance Greatrex said...

you smoke too much........pass me a cig! ;D

Nova said...

love hair i go visit foam

Plum Pralou said...

Wow, do you have regulars AND menthols on that cigarette holder? I'm impressed!

Love that coat :D

Ryker said...

i was searching for pants and cant find

may be slurl?please:D

Emi Bade said...

I agree with Chance LOL
But the cigar is now the important thing of your style :))
It makes your style cool!

Linka said...

cant belive it, hallo, this is really u? O.o haha kisses

iam smoking too much in RL also :)) /me gives him whole pack

Meee too! (thx Morri:P)

half of my friends is thinking now what is "regulars AND" haha. If anyone tell me, ill answer u for sure:)
Glad that u like it :) Greetings!

male pants from Valiant , u have to IM creator, i had problem to find this pants too:(

what i can do if i love cigs in both worlds hahah :)

Ipanemagirl Bing said...

Linkaa<3! i enjoy so much your style and i love that skyn in you, love the hair im agree too you smoke too much:XD
Cool Style lovely Linka love you:)))

Linka said...

wow Ipa hehe
Thank u very much for your soo nice words :)
and thanks for your visit here !
Hugz! :)*