Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sun is shining?

Sun is shining 1
Sun is shining...?

Hair: *Nylon Outfitters - (NO) crazy curls
Eyes: poetic colors - eyes by LL - Freebie - Blue Valentine
Top: KM - Rising Sun Tee Berry
Bracelet: *Eolande's - Bottlecap Bracelet - women's
Shoes: Shiny Things - Kelly sandal
Pants: Maitreya - BF Jeans - #07 (NEW!)
Shape: ~~DeLyn~ LINKA shape

Ps: for ppl who were looking for [no] Curly hair today in world (i got a few IM's). In shop is the new version of this hair - (no) Candy. But if u really want the old one, just IM miss Nylon Pinkney.


Acacia Merlin said...

Please what does KM stand for? I'd love to get that top but can't find the store. Thanks.

Cyn said...

yayayayayaya cool afro hair :DDDDDD


Linka said...

hey Acacia

this top is from Karamia Skins
Creator is Kara Eagle. ( I bough it long time ago, i was looking for this top today because of you but i cant find it too O.o)

If u will have same problem, just Im her.


hair from my almost noobish times hehe. I loved it and iam still in love:)

Emi Bade said...

The shirt is also one of my favorite shirts :D
You reminded me of the cute sun shirt!
Thank you :))
I still wonder which color of Maitreya jeans I should get LOL
You look so charming in the denim <33

Linka said...

Emi, but i cant find this shirt in world now;/ Dunno why. I found Karamia, but there are skins only... i bought it long time ago.
I love new maitreya jeans:)

Thanks for your comment, kisses!