Friday, June 19, 2009

HairFair 2009

I'am tired of pixel shopping hehe. I wont buy any hair more in my life ( do u belive me?:p). I saw today 748927384 cool hairs.
Look at my best treasures...
Hugz, Linka :)

HairFair 2009
HairFair 2009
HairFair 2009

HairFair 2009 !


Anonymous said...

It's your fashion crisis :)

I'm really impatient to connect myself tonight !
Maitreya stuff seems to be very very cool ! And tiny bird ... and ... and ... oups :)

Tomek said...

Yeah, We believe You....but Do You believe Us that we believe You? :)

Linka said...


yeah, big crisis hahah

Maitreya best as always what we can do hehe. But there is a lot of cool stuff made by less popular creators also:)

Hope that u will survive lags;)

one answer. No! Hugz!:)