Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Linka :)

When something is changing in my life, i visit hair dresser.
In Second Life I just buy a new skin.
Bye bye, Leona !

Ps: Yes Ahmad, i look like 15 y/o :)


New Linka
New Linka

Hair: >TRUTH< - Ash - Night
Lashes: Avantgarde. eleylashes - linkas
Juice: b*H - Premium Orange juice
Scarf: :sey - Afghan stole
Shirt: Emery - Tee Beer Holder
Armwormes: Maitreya - Armwarmers - Black
Pants: *COCO* - _LooseStyleDenim_Midnight
Boots: [0N] - Wo Boots
Shape: ~~DeLyn~~ LINKA shape (modifited)


Anonymous said...

Love ur new ava <3 such a cutie girly bb.
Previous were more womanly and hot.
<3 xo Meralinda

Emi Bade said...

You look so cute in this new skin:)
Soft and natural!!
Best for the spring!!!

Thank you for your attention said...

Mam te same buty..grrr :P

Linka said...

^^ Anonymous
Yeah, little girl hehe.
Thank you for your visit here!

^^ Emi
I love this skin:)
How are you?
We have to meet in world!
Thx for comment:)

^^ My Sec...Tija:)
Hehe są exxxxxtra!:P