Thursday, April 9, 2009

Madame Sex

Madame Sex
Madame Sex

Hair: (VintageWear) - Pushed and Shoved - Brown Tones
Lashes: [] Avantgarde [] Lashes - eyeliner
Eyes: MADesigns - SOUL 2 eyes Blue 7 (less saturated)
Cig: * KATATI - cigaret Brown
Earrings, necklace:(Glamurena)-BlackPearlAndFeather
Ring: Bazooka - Flower Ring (color change)
Top, Pants, Gloves: ::: B@R ::: - Libido
Undepants: Domino Fashions - Black Lace Panties
Shoes: *YourShape* - Playa Llevante


A&A Fashion Shop said...

aaaaaaaaaaaa I love it !!!!!!!!!

vix said...

STUNNING!<3 this style

Anonymous said...

Linka your dress is'not completly rezzed.... loooooooool <3

Anonymous said...

ślicznie wyglądasz, ładnie wykonane zdjęcia

Linka said...

thanks :) Its something for u!

^^ VIX
iam glad that you like it , TY for comment!:)

Buahhaha, its Linden's fault!

^^ Ano...
Dziękuję bardzo:)

angelllina said...

WOOOOOOO SEXAY! love this and will check for sure the suit!
<3 :)

Linka said...

Hey Angelllina, how are u?:)
Glad that you like something here coz
/me loves your blog :))
This outfit cost only 120l$, not too much but is really interesting. In pack are 2 versions of it, this one and one with skirt (not flexi skirt so i dont like it hehe). Greetings!