Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So Many Styles!

Africa, colours, orginality - what do these words have in common?
So Many Styles!
I introduce you the part of the newest SMS collection, oryginal as usual and very colourful, but this time expanded with SMS new release, totally original jewellery.
In the pictures next to me there is the creator of So Many Styles products, Irie Campese. Privately, my good collegue who is always 'too high', hehe.
We invite you to So Many Styles!

So Many Styles!
So Many Styles!
So Many Styles!

Irie wear (blondi :P)

So Many Styles
- {SMS} Pattern Suit Orange
- {SMS} Shiny Suit Rusty (pants)
- {SMS} Mosaic Necklace Orange

Skin: Dernier Cri - Kesley Coffee - Glamour Pink
Hair: Maitreya - Pipper Gold Blond
Shoes: Periquita - Funny Girl Flats Brown Peach

Linka wear (not blondi :P)

So Many Styles
- {SMS} Silk Blouse Black
- {SMS} Silk Capris Red

Hair: Kin - Jennifer - [Black]
Nails: ..::MAI::.. Gift Nails
Eyes: MADesigns - SOUL eyes S2 BLUE 7
Lashes: /Wasabi Pills/ - Drama Queen Eyelashes
Legging: :: M * A * ii * K * I :: - Legging Black
Shoes: [Detour] - London Flats - Black


Thank you for your attention said...

Ja skusiłam się na parę innych rzeczy z SMS :)
Uwielbiam ten sklep :)

Anonymous said...

Link ure new Eli Tylor!

A&A Fashion Shop said...

super arbeit Linka . du bist the best , aber blonde schöncheit ist unglaublich sexy :))))

Linka said...

^^ My Second Life vel Tija:
nom ciekawe ciuszki mają:)
^^ Anonymous: hahahahah thank you:)
^^ AGNIESZKA: niccch versteien as always, i hope that you like it;)