Saturday, March 28, 2009

Inspirations - Janis Joplin

Inspirations -  Janis Joplin
Inspirations -  Janis Joplin

Hair: *TORAYA* - hair_COSMOS_ashbrown
Glasses: (Yummy) - Mom Glasses - Feeling Sassy Black
Necklace: (Glamurena)- BlackPearlNeckleace_Envy
Necklace: =IZUMIYA= - Daichi&Key
Bracelet left hand: W&Y - Accessories A FreeW&Y - Bracelet A
Bracelt right hand: **DP**YUMYUM - brown brace:03
Tunic: {So Many Styles} - Boho Tunic Purple
Pants: BP* - flare leg jeans/blue
Shoes: Maiterya - Frisky Brown Leather

Mic: (SubaCultcha)- Dyno-Mic by Kenry Klaar


Anemysk Karu said...

I love it Linka! I think this is my fav look so far. Fab Tunic!And Hair :P

Emi Bade said...

Nice idea!!
I love Janis <33
You really rock :D

vix said...

Amazing look, Her music is soo authentic xx

Linka said...


Thank you Anemysk, tunic by Irie Campese of course:) Hair are cool and very cheap (only 90l).

Emi, thanks, i love her also:)
Kisses to my fav japan girl:)))

Vix, yup, she were very authentic and very talent:) Ty for your comment :)*