Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sweet Ayumi & Spice Lara

I made for You girls, two, new shapes.
Ayumi - girly, unique shape and
Lara - spice and very sexy shape for girl's with strong personality.
I hope you will like new products of ~~DeLyn~~.

Kiss, Linka.

~~DeLyn~~ LARA shape

~~DeLyn~~ AYUMI shape


Anonymous said...

I love Ayumi's face!
Such a cute :D

Thank you for your attention said...

Tak. Ayumi wymiata :)

Linka said...

Thank you girls.
I like sweet Aumi also:))))

Anonymous said...

~congrats~ Linka, Ayumi is best of your shapes!

Linka said...

Thank you ;]

Ayumi Cassini said...

I agree with everyone, Ayumi is the best out of your shapes Linka :) Good name choice for such a first-class shape :PPP I wouldn't be surprised if it was your bestseller ;)

Linka said...

Heheheh Ayumi, she is deticated you of course!