Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Your Skin & Your Shape

It's wierd but we all get used to our skins and shapes, and with such a dislike we change our virtual faces.
We identify with our avatars. We love dress-ups, shopping, changing hair, changing eyes, eyelashes and the most - changing clothes.
In matter of skins we are more carefull. I found new (at least for me) shop selling varieties of skins, shapes, also jewelery and adds. I did try some skins, they are really well-made. The one of them was like 'darker' version of me.
I introduce to You Fanny, novelty in *Your Skin & Your Shape*.

Ciao, Linka.

*Your Skin*
*Your Skin*

Fanny, *Your Skin & Your Shape*.


Jocelyn said...

wow its really nice, im going to that shop right now!

A&A Fashion Shop said...

nice, nice ...

Linka said...

Jocelyn, great that you like it;)
Aga, thx for comment:)

Anonymous said...

I must go there!

Linka said...

You should Vix;)

Marcin said...

jeez, I was reduced into living translator, thx Lin... ;]


Mac Silvercloud

Linka said...

hahaha Mac:)