Monday, January 26, 2009

Metamorphosis / Allstar

I decided to change Agnieszka Allstar's style. It is not simple with regard for her extremely strong personality and her.. dispositions. Mrs Allstar loves pink colour what can be seen on her avatar, her clubs and shops which she owns. She loves bushy blond hair and an oryginality of her av. In addition, the new style must be liked by the legend of Polish SL.. See what we've managed to do.

Cig: * KATATI cigaret White on mouth * by Katati Noel
Hair: MMShair - CHARLIE - Natural Blond by Thora Charron Tattoo: Faith - Hope-Love Tattoo (arms) 1 by Anarchy Cinquetti
Shades: Sunglasses Black by Lola Marquez
Shoes: B&C FASHION Slide Desaing by AGNIESZKA Allsta
Top: Fishnets tanktop holes /PiPPi :: DUTCH TOUCH by Iki Ikarus
Top 2: Fishnets Top Large Mesh :: /PiPPi :: DUTCH TOUCH by Iki Ikarus
Trash: by Mikee Mokeev

Hair: !lamb. Mister Sister - Chewed Bubble Gum
Cig: KATATI cigaret White on mouth
Lashes: [the Obscene] Lashes-MALPHAS-Tintable

Model - AGNIESZKA Allstar
Photography - AGNIESZKA Allstar
Style- Linka Demina


Uzi Boa said...

Isn't she lovely...?
and she's mine ;)

Linka said...

Yes Uzi, she is.
But remeber bb, you can be with her together coz i left U:P

Anonymous said...

She look's very good!