Thursday, January 22, 2009


We have a great pleasure to present You
the newest collection of ~~Delyn~~ shapes.
We hope you will like our products.
They are avaible only on Xstreet and Onrez (links on right) for now.
Linka Demina & Jocelyn Anatine.

~~DeLyn~~ JOCELYN shape by L.D.

~~DeLyn~~ DOMINIQUE shape by J.A.

~~DeLyn~~ SOFIA shape by L.D.

~~DeLyn~~ OPHELIA shape by J.A.

~~DeLyn~~ MORRIGAN shape by L.D.

~~DeLyn~~ ANIA shape by L.D.

~~DeLyn~~ DENISE shape by J.A.

~~DeLyn~~ LINKA shape by L.D.


vix said...

We have new creator! Lika, good job.
Kisses, Vix