Monday, May 24, 2010

How our friends see [ glow ] studio, part 2

Euni Kira, blogger Euni Kira Blog
Butterfly by [ glow] studio

aida Ewing, owner of Glam Affair
Lashes & Earrings by [ glow ] studio

Irie Campese, blogger, owner of So Many Styles
Earrings by [ glow ] studio

Farah Palmer, blogger of Farah's Fashion Expression and Fab Free
Necklace by [ glow ] studio

IpanemaGirl Bing, blogger "IpanemaGirl Blog"
Eyeliner by [ glow ] studio


Ipanemagirl Bing said...

I see Glow Studio as one of the most creative and wonderfull store, and i see at Linka as the most hot girl in sl. Im your fan bonita!!!!!<333333!

p.s Rl work is killing me hahahahah! love you!

Linka said...

hahaha thank Ipanema:)
Poor u, quit RL start live only in sl;P