Monday, November 2, 2009

From spring to autumn

From spring to autumn
From spring to autumn

Hair (with fruits:P): 3636 - April (Coming soon)
Lashes: [ glow ] studio - [] Avantgarde [] Lashes - eyeliner
Skin: *REDGRAVE* - 10 Tan Skin -Leona- / *blue hair
Shape: ~~DeLyn~~ - OPHELIA

Earrings: [glow] studio for Desingers United - Flexi Crows Earrings
Cig: mika - Elegant Animated Cigarette Holder (Ebony Wood, Silver)
Poncho: [LeLutka] - CORINTH poncho/chocobrown
Socks: *noju* - laceup socks set Fatpack
Shoes: paper couture - Blue Pastel Flower Cluster
and some underpants...


AGNIESZKA Allstar said...
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AGNIESZKA Allstar said...

vitamins, in that the weather is something that is best aaa I love your style .... Linka And earrings are simply stunning

vix said...

lolz, wantes the hair <3

Linka said...

AGNIESZKA, thank u very much. U can take one fruit from my head:)hehe Kiss u

Vix, thank you. Yep , is very orginal:)

Anonymous said...

Linka, where is ElectroCUTE? I love the glasses "ElectroCUTE! - Plastic Big Rims (Black)" but i don´t find. Can you give me the SURL?

Linka said...

Hey...bad news.... i just checked electrocute and i see in creator profile info that shop is closed:(

" *CLOSED - Future site coming soon after sim build."

Maybe try to IM creator.. thats her name: Alexii Brissot
Sooo sorrrry :)

Anonymous said...

hi linka :) can't find the hair-store... the SLURL leads me to a store named "Dinas"...


Linka said...

Momola, next sad news wrrr....
i just asked creator, and she said that hair will be realised soon. You need to wait a bit. Anyway slurl is corect:)