Sunday, October 18, 2009

Inspirations - The Cure

Inspirations - The Cure
Inspirations - The Cure

Hair: Exile - Jenna Brown Pack
Lashes: [ glow ] studio - [] Anavatgarde [] lashes - abstract
Nails: A&A FashioN -Linka Nails-black
Skin: *YS & YS* - Xena 04 BubblePunk Light EB
Shape: ~~DeLyn~~ OPHELIA

Cig: (NS) - Cigg- Black animation
Dress: This is a Fawn - String Dress [black]
Tights: {So Many Styles} - Shiny Tights
Shoes: [Detour] - London Flats - Black


Emi Bade said...

You look so funky wearing Exile hair.
Honestly I've not had their hairs till now!!
I'll visit there to get some :)
You always make me shop lol

Marientalna said...

OMFG i love the cure songs, love love love look above:D

Vega Arida said...

YAY! sexy hair and outfit
<333 the eyelashes!

angelllina said...

i loooooooooooooove the cure!!! missing some SPIDERS!!! lol

<3 that look

Hannah Yakan said...

Sign me up on the I love The Cure list!!!!!!!!! gosh I still listen to them. But not for a second do I want to go back to that messed up, pimple-ly, gothed, emo-ed, puberty riddled, oh-woe-is-me, the sky is falling, teenager I used to be.

Linka said...

hehe, sooo iammmm baaad girl , sorry u spend your money coz of me;))
Thank you!:) Kisses

hehe, thanks. And yeah, The Cure is a legend;)

Thankkkkkkks :)* Iam glad u like it my spanish friend:))

haha, yep i should add some spiders, true:P
Thank you for your comment and huggzz:)

The Cure , Parents of every Emo hehe. They created this ideaology... soo long time ago.
Emo just mixed it a little :)Anyway beutiful times;)
Thank you for your visit here, greetings:)))

vix said...

iam in love with cure you xo

Anonymous said...

i didnt see hair in exile,they are realised already?

Linka said...

vix:))) thankies

hair is in exile, iam sure in 100%, i was there yesterday:)