Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn - coming soon

Autumn - coming soon
Autumn - coming soon

Hair: Solace Beach - Linda - Darker Browns Blacks (Hair)
Lashes: [ glow ] studio - Lashes - Green Dot
Skin: [plastik] - BaelElven - Glow - Freck
Shape: ~~DeLyn~~ OPHELIA

Earrings:[glow] Studio - SNAKE earrings Gold
Cig: * KATATI - cigaret Brown on R-hand *
Bag: ::: B@R ::: - Miranda Gold (L Hand)
Corsets: {SoManyStyles} - Tweed Corsets (coming soon!)
Pants: {Rahz} - store livia pants (Shop will be open soon !)
Shoes: J's - Ankle Boots Round (Dark Brown)

On first pic with miss Irie Campese, SMS.


Saba said...

I hate "coming soon!" and "Shop will be open soon!" I want to buy noooow!
Charming look, Linka!

Linka said...

hahahah, i couldnt stop myself to blog it before will be ready in stores. I love new Irie's corsets and this AMAZING pants:)
No worries, it will be veeeery soon:)

Thankies;) Kisses:)

Chance Greatrex said...

I've always had a thing for redheads!.hot! and I'm so getting that corset!

Unknown said...

ok..Linka...this is a great look!. I want those pants now!! You are rockin it.

Anonymous said...

I want these pants and i want to say - you are perfect stylist. I watch that blog from a few months.
Funny looks, dresses, sexy outfits. Various. No boredom.Sorry for no nick comment i dont want to make next account.


Biondina said...

great look!! i love it!!
do you have the lm for that hair too?? :)

Nova said...

lolzzzzzz i wanted aks u for same what Biondina did

Anonymous said...

The Pants is awesome !!

vix said...

<3 skin, pants gorset your shape bag and corset omg omgomg lol

Posh said...

I can't take the teasers anymore! I need it all Now... :D So, Hot!!

Linka said...

Chance, heh, when we will meet ill change hair to red ;)) Thankies!

Thank you very much. Ill tell to Rah, their creator that ppl are waiting, she has to be faaast:))))

Your words are very nice for me. I apreciate your that. Ill do my best to keep your opinion:)) Thank you.
Ps: less new accounts, less spam on your mail box:P


Thats a slurl to hair.

Nova, hehe, slurl for you above;))

Mademoi, i love em too. Thanks for your visit here;)

Vix, lols,
u just love everything hehe. Thank you :)

hehe, iaaam very glad you like this look. Thank you , huugz:)

Anonymous said...

paste a slurl to pants here. Thanks

Unknown said...

I came here too late!!!!!
Cool styling and great color cordination <33
You rock Linka!

I want the pants <333333

Linka said...

ill paste when shop will be open. Hope that it will be soon:) Greetings

better late than never;)***
Thank you. anddd yes, pants are amazing :)