Saturday, September 12, 2009

Because she couldn't have him :)

Because she couldn't have him :)
Because she couldn't have him :)

Hair: - Neva - Sensitive Black
Eyes: MADesigns - SOUL eyes S2 BLUE 7
Lashes: [ glow ] studio - Hollywood lashes - Brigitte Bardot
Nails: A&A FashioN - Linka Nails-Red
Shape: ~~DeLyn~~ OPHELIA
Skin: *League* - Skin Medium - Misty - Deep Smoke

Corset: The Abyss - F_Gear//[Black]Pruriency_Corset
Gloves: *Sheer* - Fishnet Bold Black
Skirt: NM Haute Couture - Vivian Leigh (part of dress)
Bracelet: A&A FashioN - Ayumi's SeT / BlacK
Rose tattoo: Rose on leg by Asmodis Geest (veeery old one)
Revolver: Somethin' In Your Mouth - go it


AGNIESZKA Allstar said...

This is the most extravagant clothes I've ever seen, and this gun is on the order of the day today LOL! you are the best!

AGNIESZKA Allstar said...

ps: dobry tylul :P

Marientalna said...

<333333333333333333 the look!

Anonymous said...

Cudowny pościk, wyglądasz super:D
xxoo Ana

Anonymous said...

Nice corset !!!
But be careful, don't shoot you, it's dangerous x)

Addi said...

Must. Have. Corset.


Nova said... cool!<3

Emerald Wynn said...

I need that corset. Can't find the store in Search tho. :\

Linka said...

Thank you iam really glad that you like it;))) Hugz!
ps: :P

yay, thankies;))))

Dziękuję bardzo:))

:))) iam still alive !hehe
Thank you for your visit here;)

Go. Buy.Corset.
hehehe. Greetings!:)

Go. Buy. Gun.

Emerald, thats a slurl to abyss store

Thank ya all:)

Chance Greatrex said...

Cooool! And love the lighting too!

Linka said...

Chance, thank you very much for your visit here and nice comments;))))Greeetingssssssss