Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tahani Design

She's from Poland, same as me. Wears red hair, black leather outfits, tattoos and full body piercing.
Loves to create gothic clothes.
I wanted to show U Tahani in total different way.
Like a sweet, naive blond girl in pink :)
Meet Tahani Petrov, owner of Tahani Design.

ps: she hates how she looks like on my pics;)
Tahani Design
Tahani Design

We are wearing:
Hair:* Zero Style * - Nao
Earrings: [glow] Studio - ~~DeLYn~~ - Letters Earrings B&W
tops : ::Tahani Designs:: - Green Point - Sweater
Boots: ETD Shoes: Rain Boots
Pants: Tahani - ::Tahani Design:: Gorgeus pants - grey
Linka - { Kari } - The John Doe jeans

Place: TD mainstore, pose from CnS.


Anonymous said...

hahaha Taha jest sławna!

Linka said...

haha Tasha rocks;)