Sunday, December 7, 2008

She is Bad News

skin: MoscowLight by MMS
hair: Enid Black by Kin
eyes: Gift Eyes Vol.1 by .:::MAI::.
necklace: bodice-Beige by [fairy tail]
lashes: Drama Queen Lashes by /Wasabi Pills/
dress: magpie by Paper Couture

Here I am! Linka convinced me to join her crazy blog. In fact she didn't have to do that for long, because i've been always interested in pixel fashion. Shopping then changing and mixing clothes is one of my favourite activities in Second Life, just after going on crazy parties... Just kidding :)
I will be presenting here veeery different kind of clothes, in all kinds. Begining with casual and fashionalbe outfits through emo, neko, goth style, industrial and steampunk stuff to adorable japanese things. I hope you will enjoy and Linka won't mind it ;) Stay tunned.


Linka said...

for me AMAZING!
Great beginning!

Anonymous said...


Uzi Boa said...

uuu.... nice to see you Joc :)
I love that dress, I've already bought it :)